Macedonian Sun

Kallithea, Halkidiki, 63077, Greece


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Experience the best vacation with your loved ones. The hotel is situated on a hill top, with accommodation amongst wonderful vibrant gardens, surrounded by evergreen mountains and at only a 5 minute walking distance from the sea.Due to the excellent location of its buildings, the hotel offers a panoramic ocean view amongst gardens blooming with rose bushes. The serenity of the grounds, with its intertwining lanes, waterfalls and traditional architecture, is certainly an alternative proposal for travellers who seek tranquillity. The hotel provides a range of eating places serving a variety of cuisine. There is an outdoor swimming pool, but for those who prefer to swim in the crystal clear Mediterranean waters the beach is not far off. The palm trees and beautifully tended grounds lend an exotic beauty to the already stunning setting. The hotel is situated at a 1.2 miles distance from the lovely town of Kallithea, which is the heart of summer fun, shopping and clubbing on the Kassandra peninsula. This also makes the area an ideal destination for people of all ages.

Macedonia. One of the prefectures of Northern Greece, Macedonia (Makedonia ), is the second largest prefecture in all of Greece, and the city of Thessaloniki is the second most important in Greece after Athens. Macedonia is a collection of diverse landscapes. As the nature changes from region to region, so do the people, culture and traditions. The city of Thessaloniki is surrounded by beautiful scenery. To the east lies Chalkidhiki, a seaside paradise made up of heavenly beaches, unspoilt wilderness and the solitary world of Mount Athos. The destinations are many, and make up a mosaic of images, aromas and surprises: Serres, Drama, Kavala, Edessa, Kozani, Veria, Katerini – the options are endless, as are the experiences. To the west, the landscape becomes calm and tranquil. You’ll be inspired by the grand mansions and churches of Kastoria. Book a room with Macedonian Sun and feel a sense of serenity in the mountainous region of Vitsi or take time to reflect at the lakes of Prespa. Macedonian Sun is located at Kallithea, Halkidiki, 63077, Greece . Its central location makes it an ideal base for enjoying the local attractions in the area or for making daytrips to some of the best-known tourist destinations such as the evocative landscape of Grevena, where nature rewards visitors with a unique feeling of tranquility. Experience the remarkable culture of eastern Macedonia by embracing the customs and traditions of the locals. Here you’ll enjoy 365 days of diverse activities from water sports to skiing, trekking and bird watching. Whether you come for an extended winter or summer holiday or a short weekend getaway with friends and family, Macedonia is one of those destinations that will help you create experiences you’ll never forget.


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