Mouras Resort

Livadi, Astypalaia, 85900, Greece




Mouras Resort is an elegant, minimal, contemporary design, luxurious complex of 5 independent white washed maisonette villas built in a land of 2,3 acres, located just 180m from the popular Livadi bay, with a direct infinite view to all surrounding landscape (mountainside, Chora hill, Livadi bay). The deluxe touch meets the traditional Astypalean architecture, while indulgence and privacy meets comfort and services. Central elements of Mouras Resort are the perfect integration within its natural surroundings and eco-friendliness that are evident in organic planting in villas private terraces, facility maintenance and f&b offerings. The complex also includes a common swimming pool area, a pool bar with sunbathing facilities, a shopping boutique, an organic garden and free open-air space for relaxation and activities.

Dodekanessos Islands. Island-hop your way around the Dodecanese Islands in the southeastern Aegean Sea, from the raw natural wonder of Karpathos to the holy sites of Patmos. Book a room with Mouras Resort and discover medieval castles, walled cities and exquisite beaches. Travelers who are interested in Greek mythology and ancient ruins will have a field day here. The islands also are a perfect destination for those who want to chill out in less crowded destinations where they can hike, walk on pebble beaches and absorb a colorful local culture. In Greek, the word “Dodecanese” stands for twelve islands, deriving from the word “dodeca” meaning twelve and “nisia” meaning islands. As a matter of fact, they are not twelve in number but many more…Telling a white lie about their name, all we could say about them is that they must have a seductive character ready to gloriously mislead us to an unforgettable experience of traditional and serene island life. Their main aim is to misguide you of your exact location and to mislead you as far as loosing track of time is concerned. It is obvious from the moment you cast your eyes on Mouras Resort at Livadi, Astypalaia, 85900, Greece. Therefore, book a room with Mouras Resort and put your minds at ease and just enjoy the intake of the endless parade of images to your utmost gain…From the capital island, Rhodes, to the smallest and most secluded islet of the complex.


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