Folies Apartments

Lourdas ,Kefalonia, 28100, Greece




The complex “Folies” is located at Lourdas village , in an olive grove of 3 stremmata. Since the foundation of the village, this area is known by the name ‘Exo Folies” (outskirts nests) because they are at the end of the village. The location is ideal, with incredible natural beauty, at the slopes of mountain Ainos, with panoramic view of Ionian Sea. The villagers visit the Exo Folies area in order to admire the gorgeous blue of Lourdas beach and the unique sunset, while the children are looking for bird nests, since the area if full of them. Our rooms have refrigerator, A/C and hot water. The rooms have all their own balconies.

Ionian Islands. The particular and exceptional characteristics of each of the Ionian Islands, comfort the creation of a colorful canvas, which calls the visitor to explore it. The history, culture, the exceptional natural beauty and the entertainment are present at every step. The bustling atmosphere of the seaside villages alternates with the tranquility and services quality offered by the Folies Apartments . Visit Folies Apartments at Lourdas ,Kefalonia, 28100, Greece, and discover ragged shores and hauntingly beautiful beaches, mediaeval castles and monasteries. In Folies Apartments because of its excellent location you will be able to explore Venetian fortresses, but also Mycenaean tombs, Roman mosaics and baroque churches. Folies Apartments will definitely surprise you!


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