Filanthi Apartments

Paralia Vrahou, Preveza, 48100, Greece




The Filanthi Apartments are situated in the center of the beach Vrachos, Loutsa. It is a newly built apartment complex built in 2005 and renovated in 2015 in order to upgrade our services to customers and always with respect for the environment. The apartments are very classy and spacious. Our main concern is the cleanliness of the rooms; also our aim is to provide you with a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Each one of them offers a comfortable bathroom with shower, fully equipped kitchen, refrigerator, air conditioning, TV 32″, free wifi, parking and of course a large balcony overlooking the blue Ionian Sea. The thing that makes our apartments eminent is the renovation because we have succeeded in reducing electricity consumption by 50%-60%. Now our apartments are more friendly to the environment.

Epirus. On the sandy shores of the endless Epirot coastline in Western Greece, from Preveza to Parga you will discover a secret paradise on earth. Visiting Filanthi Apartments you will experience the vision of harmony and balance, an ode to timeless beauty that unravels the cares of the soul. During your stay in Filanthi Apartments, take every opportunity to discover the wonderful Epirot unspoilt villages, which have been called ‘poetry in stone’ because of their exceptional architecture, like those in the Zagoria district, Metsovo, and Syrrako or Kalarrytes in the Tzoumerka range. Filanthi Apartments is located at Paralia Vrahou, Preveza, 48100, Greece and this is certainly an ideal location to explore Epirus, the most mountainous region in Greece, which is instead blessed with a lush and soaring landscape reminiscent of Scotland at its finest, mountain villages to rival (whisper it) the best of Provence, and that gloriously unspoilt Ionian Sea coastline. Come and be our guest at Filanthi Apartments and discover a densely forested landscape (home to brown bears, wolves and jackals), lonely clifftop monasteries, soul-stirring mountain vistas, low-key seaside resorts and skies patrolled by birds of prey including golden eagles. It’s easy to see why the Greeks have been keeping Epirus a secret from the world for so long.


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